Importance of Personal Branding

The most beneficial action young job seekers can take while still in school is to pay attention to what’s happening online.

These days, an impressive resume might get you noticed, but it won’t necessarily land you a job interview on its own. You’ll need a well-rounded web presence, as well.

“The first thing an employer is going to do is Google you,” Alexandra Levit, generational speaker and author of Blind Spots: 10 Business Myths You Can’t Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success tells Mashable. “The worst thing is to have something negative pop up. In the absence of anything negative, having nothing come up really doesn’t say much about your level of seriousness in terms of being out there and being professional.”

Whatever Google turns up will determine your fate. Every Twitter message, Facebook status and Linkedin update is a reflection of one’s personality, capabilities and priorities.

Busy high school and college students may not yet be thinking about post-grad jobs, but hiring managers say it’s an ideal time for these students to being establishing strong online identities. A good example from online to help you build a successful Personal Brand is from the following website:  998937


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